First Week - The Secrets Out

Wow!!! What a week it’s been. since the release of our remix of The War, it’s been streamed over 25,000 times and the response from people all over the world has been so positive. KJ & I are beside ourselves. We can’t thank you enough for such amazing support of the launch of our new project. He and I have been playing music together for 18+ years and we’ve dreamt of this collaboration since we first started creating. During the last year of pandemic pandemonium we didn’t think we would be able to release our sound to the world. Thanks to BT‘s immense support and allowing us to mess with his already beautiful song, we grasped at the chance at remixing The War in our own style. We can’t thank you enough for embracing it and look forward to showing the original sound of The Private Language.

Be kind to yourself.

All Love - Blake

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